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I’m that Shucking Demigod who lost 10 points from Hufflepuff because I invited Klaus into Dauntless training, without permission. I’m an AWOL UnWind hiding from Voldermort because Mayor Prentiss told him I was Chaos Walking. I found an old man who give me memories of magic so Uther Pendragon sent his men after me. I fled to the London institute for help, the Shadowhunters took me beyond the wall where I met Jon Snow. I Know The Odds are Ever in My Favour because I got sent to earth to be with Jasper and Finn!

♡ "You may not believe it but I can promise you that we will see each other again one day, not so long from now, and it won't be quite as you imagine. We'll all meet again. Nothing is ever completely over" ♡

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put your trust in me
i’m not gonna die alone


AU: There’s a new (werewolf) guy in town. Based on.

Happy late birthday, chris! (sorry i’m trash)

now you're moving idle, and you say you're alone—
suspicious that the string is moving your bones.

teen wolf + words of wisdom


Sorry, thominho. I just had to.

concerned brett  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Alright, Initiates, here’s a game for you. Can you guess which of these quotes are from DIVERGENT?

Bonus points if you can name which YA novel the non-DIVERGENT quotes come from.

Check back on Monday when we reveal the answers!

I will try this!!!

1 - I’m pretty sure that’s not a Divergent book
2 - That’s Allegiant (3rd book)
3 - That’s Divergent!
4 - I’ve read that quote before… Is it Divergent? I dont know…
5 -  No idea
6 - No idea!
7 - No idea!
8 - Divergent LOL
9 - Hunger Games?
10  - No idea



I just realized I have Harry Potter listed as my first fandom even though that’s very much not my main thing anymore, but I feel really nostalgic switching its place with teen wolf

I have officially betrayed hp :(

Harry Potter means everything to me. It was my childhood friend and I learned so many things from Harry Potter, bravery, friendship, all about heroes and most of all …MAGIC!
But as I’ve found out, you don’t always have to replace Harry Potter with anything. Right now my favorite thing is Teen Wolf, Maze Runner, anything by Anthony Horowitz and right now I am loving The Giver books, yet Harry Potter will always be there for me, I grew up with it. Moving on to new things doesn’t mean you are replacing Harry Potter, it just means you are discovering new things, Harry will always be there for us. A word or a place or even a smell can still bring back memories of Harry Potter for us :)