Take me to the Dreamworld Matt, I'll follow.
Melanie ♡ British ♡ Member of Scott's Pack ♡ Sired by Kol ♡ Come back Darling ♡ Saving people, Hunting things. The family business ♡

I’m that Demigod who runs around the Glade because I lost 10 points to Hufflepuff because I invited Klaus into Dauntless training without permission. I’m an AWOL UnWind running around Lesser Malling from Voldermort because Mayor Prentiss told him I was Chaos Walking. If Todd doesn’t save me soon I’m running with Matt into the Dreamworld to be with Minho. While I was running, Uther Pendragon sent his men after me because I did magic with Harry, but I bumped into Jon Snow beyond the Wall! I Know The Odds are Ever in My Favour because the Oracle in the Attic told Chiron that I got sent to earth to be with Jasper and Finn!

♡ "You may not believe it but I can promise you that we will see each other again one day, not so long from now, and it won't be quite as you imagine. We'll all meet again. Nothing is ever completely over" ♡


bellarke scenes ↳ S01E03 “get clarke whatever she needs.”

Monty & Jasper - 1x01



Character Profiles from WCKD x

Anonymous asked: "Hey! So I saw that you had a post about shipping Jasper and Monty from the 100 (as well as jactavia). I thought you might like to know that someone's setting up a blog for the ship (Jasper/monty, that is). If not, sorry for wasting your time :) anyway, the blog is the-100-jonty"

Oh thank you Sir/Madam Anony!! I will seek out this blog at once!

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